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These are my platform keystones – true public accountability, strict discipline on spending, more crime prevention and control, and maintenance/enhancement of the many assets of our community such as the public parks and trails system.

Please see below for more detail and let me know what’s important to you!

  • Committed to true public accountability, including careful listening and responding to voters’ issues and concerns
  • Committed to improving the amount and quality of information available to the public. For example, city budgets should be posted on the internet before and after approval by Council
  • Believes that it is essential to have fiscally and socially responsible budgeting
  • With the on-going tight economy, there is a need to focus on necessities and to say no to expenditures that the City cannot afford
  • Committed to adopting new measures to reduce and prevent crime in our community. People need to feel safe and that their property is protected
  • Believes that a healthy environment is essential, one that is maintained by effective and practical projects and initiatives
  • Supports the maintenance and enhancement of Red Deer’s trail system, an important asset to the vitality of our community.
  • Supports concerted advocacy to the Provincial Government and Alberta Health Services for major improvements and increased vital programs / services at the Red Deer Regional Hospital

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